Amy Poehler Hires Her Best Comedy Friends To Help Get Some Dogs Adopted In A New Web Series

Amy Poehler might have surprised all of us with her singing voice, but please, let her keep pulling out all these awesome projects that she does for Smart Girls. Her latest venture is a web series called Heavy Petting which seeks to help adoptable dogs find homes. But there’s a bonus: the dogs are given voices, and those voices belong to some of Poehler’s famous friends.

Ask yourself: Wouldn’t a puppy with John Mulaney’s voice be impossible to resist? See for yourself, because that’s who provided the voice of the first puppy, whose name is Bart. He is 10 months old and very wiggly.

According to AV Club, future puppies will be voiced by Poehler’s former Parks and Recreation costars Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, and Aziz Ansari, and that is going to be insanely cute.

Source: AV Club