Amy Schumer Fact-Checks Jennifer Lawrence, Revealing Her Delightful Habit Of Peeing In Bidets

Amy Schumer graces the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair, and while on set for her photo shoot, she was asked to listen to some recent interview clips from her BFF Jennifer Lawrence — to fact check whether what comes out of the Oscar winner’s mouth is, in fact, honest. It starts off innocently enough, with a question about what advice J-Law would give to a 10-year-old girl. She answers in earnest to just be nice, since young girls go through so many different phases to try to figure out who they are.

What a sweet answer! But somewhat hypocritical, Schumer reveals, as she says that “Jen is the meanest person I know, so that doesn’t really apply.” While she concedes that in general that’s good advice for a young girl, she says that she regularly gets “hurtful” texts from her friend.

As far as other Jennifer Lawrence revelations, it should come as little surprise that both the woman enjoy themselves a glass or two of red wine on the weekends, Lawrence says “sorry” too much (but not to Schumer), and that Lawrence is known for not using a bidet as it’s intended.

Schumer also shared her cover and Vanity Fair spread on Instagram, as shot by Annie Leibovitz: