Amy Schumer Puts A Teen Film Critic Who Made A Joke About Her In His Place

You may be familiar with child film critic turned teen film critic Lights Camera Jackson (real name Jackson Murphy) for his insufferably enthusiastic YouTube reviews which landed him various television appearances around the start of the decade, five years ago. Now 17, Mr. Camera Jackson was fortunate enough to score himself a ticket to this weekend’s Critics’ Choice Awards, where he took the opportunity to grab a photo op with presenter Amy Schumer, who went on to win Best Actress in a Comedy for Trainwreck.

Unfortunately, Lights Camera Jackson used the opportunity to make this unfunny crack on Twitter at Schumer’s expense, probably patting himself on the back for his hilarious wit. Even more unfortunately (for him; fortunately for us), Schumer noticed and was decidedly not amused.

Lights Camera Jackson quickly backpedaled on his remark, albeit in the most grating “yuk yuk” non-way possible.

We hope (being that he eventually deleted both tweets) that this pipsqueak learned an important lesson out of this. Just because women can crack jokes about their own sexuality, bodies, etcetera, etcetera — you still can’t. “The more you know.”

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