After Going Missing For 10 Years, This Creepy Clown Was Discovered In A Convicted Sex Offender’s Basement

Here’s a nice tall glass of nightmare juice to start your day: a clown mascot that went missing from an Kansas amusement park 10 years ago was found in the home of a sex offender. For those of us who’ve long connected those two worlds, this is our day of validation.

Louie has been missing since 2005 or 2006, but wasn’t reported missing until 2010, presumably because his owners enjoyed a few years believing themselves to be free. But, alas, Louis was found in a most fittingly scary place:

Wichita police say officers found the clown Tuesday at a home of 39-year-old Damian Mayes, who is serving a prison sentence for a 2010 conviction for aggravated indecent liberties with a child and aggravated criminal sodomy. Mayes used to build and repair organs at the park. He’s in prison on child sex crimes.

“It was quite a shock, because we had visited that residence before. They didn’t expect us back, they thought it was a done deal, closed, forgotten case, but like I said, through social media and a lot of interest not only in Joyland but the clown in particular, kind of kept it alive,” said Det. Matt Lang, Wichita Police Department. “There’s many articles that said once Louie disappeared, he would never see the sight of day again.”

Apparently Louie the clown is worth $10,000 or a human soul. Hope they cleaned him before returning him. Here he is doing what he does best: scaring the ever-living sh*t out of you.

Source: KSN