An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabbed A Cabbie After He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her For A Third Time

This story originally went viral two years, but there’s an update and it’s too insane not to share. I mean, take a look at this lede: “A sex-crazed Angelina Jolie lookalike forced a cabbie into having sex with her twice – before brutally stabbing him when he couldn’t manage a third time.” The supposed doppelgänger, 31-year-old Luminita Perijoc, allegedly “pounced” on Nicolae Stan, 35, when he delivered wine to her apartment in 2012, because real life Romania is a fictional American porno.

Grabbing him and dragging him inside, she forced him to undress by threatening him with a 4-inch blade. At knife point, he had intercourse with her and then performed oral sex. But, when he couldn’t perform a third time, she stabbed him six times before he managed to escape, lock himself in a bedroom, and call the cops. (Via)

Perijoc has since received a “four year suspended sentence,” which is a piece of sauerkraut juice cake compared to Stan’s “life sentence” of teasing. “It is terrible,” he said. “I am now a local celebrity…They don’t understand why I refused her, but they do not know what it is like to have a mad woman yelling at you at knife point.” Unless you’re Jon Voight, and that mad woman is every women he’s ever met.

Via Daily News