An Indiana Man Choked His Fiancée For Favoring IndyCar Over NASCAR


For those of you that were unaware (and it may have been many of you), the Indianapolis 500 took place this past weekend. The race, which is enjoyed by motor sports fans (and Joe Dirts) worldwide, brings the best IndyCar racers together on the sport’s biggest stage. One Indiana NASCAR fan, though, was not in a feel-good mood over his state’s biggest annual sporting event. According to WRTV, David Wilson ended up choking his own fiancée after hearing her disparage his beloved NASCAR in favor of IndyCar.

The argument began after the loving couple had been drinking all day (surprise!) at their Franklin, Indiana home. According to reports, Wilson’s fiancée was discussing with a friend how IndyCar was superior to NASCAR. Upon hearing her “trash talking” NASCAR from a separate room, David became so enraged he ended up assaulting the woman. The fiancée quickly called 911, and David was eventually taken in custody.

Hopefully, David can learn to cool his temper a little better in jail. People in that environment tend to get a little stabby when arguments get to the choking stage.

(Via WRTV)