A Musical Ode To Onesies (Formerly Known As Footie Pajamas)

02.28.13 2 Comments

I’m not sure when what I grew up knowing as “footie pajamas” became known as “onesies,” but I do know that they’re all the rage these days. One nice lady I follow on Twitter is obsessed with them to the point where I’m convinced they’ve become a fetish for her. I’m not sure if she has sex in her onesies (she probably does), but I’m sure there are people out there who do have sex in onesies, because of course they do.

Now here we have a web video tribute to the onesie to solidify the fact that onesies have indeed become a thing. I guess the next logical question is this: Have onesies jumped the shark? The answer is no, at least not if cute puppies are wearing them…

(Via Laughing Squid. Puppy in a onesie pic via Amaeryllis)

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