An Obamacare Article On Forbes Is Using The Logo Of A Popular Furry Convention

Senior Writer
08.15.13 2 Comments

Back on August 4, Forbes contributor Carolyn McClanahan wrote an interesting piece about Obamacare that was intended to answer some of what she believes to be the most common questions and sources of confusion regarding the health care law. For example, I might ask her, “Carolyn, why won’t insurance companies pay me for the surgeries I perform in my garage?” and she’d respond, “Because you’re not a doctor” and I’d roll my eyes.

But while checking out Carolyn’s wisdom, writer Josh Fruhlinger noticed that snazzy little “Further Confusion” logo on the right that was credited to Wikipedia, and he wondered “what the logo was originally for?” So he clicked on the link to the source, and sure enough… Further Confusion is the annual convention for furries in San Jose, California.

Maybe it’s just a simple mistake or maybe Carolyn is trying to tell us something with some not-so-subtle subliminal messages. Either way, it was probably the most disappointing article that most furries have read this month. So here’s a little pick-me-up for them…

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