A Woman Who Obviously Hates Joy Turned Down An Invitation To Party With Tom Hanks

Lovely person Rita Wilson, wife of equally lovely person Tom Hanks, recently completed a two week musical performing stint at New York’s famous Café Carlyle. Celebrating her successful run in a suite at the ritzy Carlyle Hotel, Wilcon recalled an incident to The Hollywood Reporter regarding a neighbor who was not a fan of the noise level emanating from their soiree.

“There was a lady in the room next door and she did not like that there were too many people in my suite having a good time, so she came and knocked on the door and Tom answered it,” recalls the chanteuse. “And he said, ‘Excuse me, ma’am, we are very, very sorry for the noise, but would you like to come in?’ And she said, ‘No!’ and walked away.” Ouch.

Lady. LADY. When Tom Hanks invites you to a party in his hotel suite, YOU DO NOT TURN DOWN AN INVITATION TO PARTY WITH TOM HANKS IN HIS HOTEL SUITE. What could honestly be more important than partying with Tom Hanks in his hotel suite? A job? Call in sick. Early flight? Book a new one. Grandmother on her deathbed? OMG LIKE NO ONE HAS HAD A GRANDPARENT DIE BEFORE.

I just honestly can’t fathom how much someone has to hate joy and life to turn down an invitation to hang with Hollywood’s loveliest couple. True story, I think I would be more upset if I ever found out that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were getting divorced than my own parents.