An Oregon Teen Can’t Take This Showgirl To Prom, But He Had A Really Good Time Trying To Make It Happen

This is the kind of story that was bred for a coming of age teen movie, possibly written by the ghost of John Hughes. It involves a Vegas showgirl, a desire to take her to prom, and television personality Robin Leach for some reason. It doesn’t end exactly how our hero would’ve liked, but it came pretty close.

It all started when Austin Moore of Stayton, Oregon wanted to ask his friend’s showgirl cousin out to prom. Pay no attention to his actual girlfriend because Moore wasn’t doing it for romantic intentions or because he was lonely. He just wanted to do it for the story. From KGW:

“I just think it would have been cool when I have children to tell them, ‘Yeah, I took a model to prom with all my friends,'” he said.

So he sent Mariah Rivera a message on Instagram and oddly enough, she replied and offered to go if he could attain the mythical 10,000 retweets. Like a Greek myth, Moore took on her challenge and even ended up getting some help from Robin Leach to reach his goal.

Rivera spoke with the Las Vegas Sun about Moore’s quest:

“It’s definitely a first,” laughed Mariah, “and all good fun. It’s very flattering, although a little embarrassing. He’s not even old enough to see our show, yet he wants a Las Vegas showgirl to go with him to the prom.”

After a surge of support and a group of tweets later, Moore had achieved his goal and Rivera agreed to accompany his group to the prom. The problem is that the school stepped in to p*ss in his campfire.

They denied the request, luckily with a smile. Moore was in no trouble, but the admin at Regis High School cited a general rule for the prom that denied the Vegas attraction entry:

He said Regis Principal Scott Coulter told him Rivera was too old. According to the private Catholic school’s student handbook, any guests invited to school dances or activities, including proms, “must be under 20 years of age.” (via)

Who knew that a Catholic school wouldn’t want to have adults showing up at their prom, mingling with kids? Luckily they denied him with a smile and Moore still has his story to tell his kids one day (I guess). Still, If I were in his shoes, I’d be hard pressed not to think about what might’ve been:


The icing on this cake probably would’ve been Robin Leach showing up to prom in order to coach the teens through it all. He still shows up, drunk probably, but ends up just hanging out by the snack table all night. It’s depressing, but not half as depressing as when he starts charging for autographs.

(Via The Oregonian / Las Vegas Sun / NBC KGW)