Andy Samberg's 'That's My Boy' Trailer > 'That's My Boy' The Movie

Andy Samberg has clearly been paying attention to our speculation over what his new Happy Madison venture suggests about his future film prospects now that he’s officially graduated from SNL. (WE ARE INFLUENTIAL TASTEMAKERS!) So he’s taken to the Lonely Island YouTube account to showcase his version of the That’s My Boy trailer, giving it the glorious Digital Short treatment, and therefore surely making it infinitely superior to the actual movie. Kind of amazing what an hour’s worth of raw creativity can accomplish compared to thousands of man hours from people mailing it in, isn’t it?

While I like Samberg’s South Park-esque narration, my only suggested improvement would be getting Hader to Stefan the voice over. “Shmandy Blanderberg. Shmadam Flanderberger. Ryne Sandberg. This film has EVERYTHING.” The important thing to take away though is that Samberg seems fully aware of what That’s My Boy is, which hopefully bodes well for his future projects. The below video is one “Rated Argh! For Pirates” pirates away from really doing its job.

Mission Impossible 5 is gonna be the tits…

Via Best Week Ever