The World’s Most Adorably Angry Child Chewed Out Her Mom For Laughing As She Sang ‘Let It Go’

It’s 2014 and we still don’t have a TV show where kids with funny accents yell and swear at their parents. Seriously, someone get on that please? I need that in my life. I need videos like this where a little Irish girl yells at her mom for laughing as she sings a song from “Frozen.”

“I’m warning you! . . . what’s it gonna be?”
“I’m gonna bust you in a minute.”
“Do you want to get sent to your room?”

Ok to be fair, I didn’t understand a word this girl said. I added closed caption to make sense of it all—and boy am I glad I did. I learned a bunch of new Irish insults like “you’re being a very bold girl.” I think bold means naughty here, or maybe the girl thinks her mom’s a whore.

Actually yeah, that’s what I’m going with. “Mom, listen to me you big fat prostitute.”