This Angry Dad Allegedly Bit A Man’s Ear Off At A Bowling Alley Over A Spilled Drink

On August 31st, Desiree Lyons went bowling with her husband and daughter at the Lanes at Coffee Creek in Owassa, Oklahoma. When she accidentally knocked over a cocktail on the shared table, the group of girls in the next lane over lost their sh*t. Words were exchanged until the group stormed off with threats that they will return with their respective boyfriends. Instead, they came back with one pissed off dad. From The Smoking Gun:

When the girls returned, they were accompanied by Foster, an ex-con who has served time for shooting with intent to kill and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Foster is the father of one of the girls who tangled with the Lyons family at The Lanes at Coffee Creek.

A witness told police that Foster began “swinging punches with a closed fist.” During the confrontation, Foster allegedly bit off Chris Lyons’s ear. (Via)

The police were unable to find and arrest James Foster after the incident. Three months later, he was taken in on an outstanding warrant and ended up posting $10,200 bond at Tulsa County Jail.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lyons, doctors were unable to re-attach the ear.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)