Angry Granny Plays ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ To Vent About Gas Kerfuffle

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10.30.13 5 Comments

There’s been a kerfuffle in England about gas price hikes, with many people suddenly owing at least ten percent more on their heating bills. In response to the outcry about people going cold this winter, some douche on the telly whose name I can’t remember — although I’m certain he looked like a puppet hewn from ruddy, pockmarked flesh — suggested people could simply switch to a different gas company. Nevermind the other gas companies also raised prices significantly. Let them eat gas.

That concludes our Vague And Poorly-Researched News Paragraph™, now let’s get to the swearing granny!

This endearing old biddy uploaded a YouTube video claiming she vented some of her gas hike rage in Grand Theft Auto V.

“Sorry about the language everyone but I got a letter from British Gas and I had to let my anger out!

20% price hike?! You thieving bastards.

Have some of this.” — GAMERGRAN87 (via Buzzfeed)

The video is full of moments we want to believe were really her playing the game, like when she says, “I’ll give you central heating” before setting a “British Gas employee” on fire. I’m not going to ruin the ending, but lets just say Gran finds a building that looks like a gas company and quickly earns four stars, not even slowing down when her transportation must be abandoned. Stiff upper lip and all that.

(NSFW language)

I want her to be my grandma.

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