This Hilarious Supercut Shows That Animals Have Harnessed The Art Of The News Blooper

It seems a touch odd that animals are rarely a part of your local TV news team. Who wouldn’t want to tune in to a watch a hawk (that’s also a certified meteorologist) try to give the five-day forecast? That’s a recipe for boffo ratings, right there.

A new news blooper supercut from noted news blooper warehouse NewsBeFunny illustrates why the animal kingdom hasn’t made the leap to your town’s Action 5 team. For a glorious 12 minutes, we’re treated to flatulent rhinos, far too friendly dogs, and all the on-air cat attacks you could possibly hope for. It’s almost as if the stars of a regional pet version of The Biggest Loser weren’t thrilled to be held still while surrounded by other rotund cats. Hopefully, the gritty drama Nine Lives digs into the subject in depth.

We have this orgy of animal-related bloopz located at the top of the post for your viewing/schadenfreude pleasure. Come for the horny animals, stay for the varying levels of reporter improv skill and cover your eyes when you get to the bits where you know the journalist is a wreck over their uncooperative co-star. (Don’t worry, it’s mostly the farting rhino and dog goofz side of things.)