Happy Tuesday: Here’s An Animatronic T-Rex Costume Taken For A Test Ride

3DWizart Studios was apparently tired of waiting for Walking With Dinosaurs to play in their town or for Clive Palmer to finish cloning that dinosaur, so they made their own animatronic T-Rex costume. Well, more like a Utahraptor with the feathers plucked out, but let’s not quibble about paleontology when there’s a dinosaur costume to daydream about owning. I’d take mine to the haberdashery and have him fitted for a jaunty top hat.

This first prototype of the T-Rex costume is 16 feet long, weighs a little over 50 pounds (24 kg), and is made from rubber, high density foam, aluminum, and fiberglass. Its animatronic facial mechanisms are controlled by cables. He could really use a hat.

[Video via Obvious Winner. Picures via FUVL and Jon Defreest.]