Eccentric Billionaire Now Filling His ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort With Dinosaur Robots

Last time we checked on Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, he had fancy plans to clone dinosaurs for a real Jurassic Park at his Palmer Resort in Coolum, Queensland. He also plans to build a 20-story sky needle and a replica of the London Eye ferris wheel at this same resort. And did we mention he’s also building a replica of the Titanic? Being a billionaire must be awesome. You can just throw a burlap sack filled with C-notes at someone and yell, “Build me a statue of Snagglepuss that dispenses Cîroc. Now put a fancy hat on it! Fancier!”

Unfortunately, palaeogeneticists figured out the half-life of DNA, and the short version is that we’re probably never getting cloned dinosaurs. Clive Palmer isn’t going to let a thing like facts get in the way of building an awesome theme park, though. He just ordered 117 animatronic dinosaurs for one of his two planned dinosaur theme parks. He’s sparing no expense, it seems.

According to io9, his 117 dinosaur robots include a 1.2 ton Brachiosaurus, a 22 foot tall Mamenchisaurus, and 68 foot long Apatosaurus. Those are going to the newer location in China. His Palmer Resort in Australia will have up to 165 dinosaur robots. We’re hoping they move in herds.