Anna Faris And Chris Pratt’s Son Jack Finally Got To Meet The Penguin He Named

Last year, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo invited Chris Pratt and Anna Faris to have their adorable son Jack name the zoo’s most recent penguin addition, and he bestowed upon it the perfect name: Eagle. In the family’s video announcement back in October, Faris explained why they had chosen the quirky name: “Chris and I grew up in Washington state and we love bald eagles. We thought that a penguin with aspirations to fly might be really fun. We cannot wait to meet you, Eagle!”

Finally, during a trip to the rainy northwest city this week, Faris and Jack did get to meet Penguin, and naturally Faris shared the adorable photo evidence on Twitter. The meeting, while adorable, didn’t go off completely without a hitch, however, because, as it turns out, penguins are stinky.

Poor Eagle. He can’t fly, and his BO is out of control. What’s a penguin to do?

(Via Us Weekly)