Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza Took A Spontaneous Trip To Mexico. Here’s The Instagram Evidence.

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01.06.14 19 Comments


As someone who has been known to do some “light” stalking of Anna Kendrick on Instagram and Twitter, I was aware that she and Aubrey Plaza are friends, but I didn’t quite realize they are spontaneous-trips-to-Mexico sort of friends.

But that’s exactly what happened on Saturday according to Anna Kendrick’s Instagram account. She and Aubrey are clearly a part of the “F*ck Weather” movement going around on the internet. Just kidding, they left one warm and sunny place for another.

Let’s take a look at some of the documentation, shall we? First up…

Last night we decided to go to Mexico. This morning she has already spilled coffee all over herself. #magical


And then a glamour pic from their destination…

She’s a real gem folks


And finally, hard evidence that they really are the BFFs of BFFS…

The Craft is just as good in Spanish. #nighttime


I can only assume this viewing followed a spirited tickle/pillow/underwear fight.

Banner image via annakendrick47

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