Anna Kendrick Not Dating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor, The North Rejoices

The Pitch Perfect actress just proved her loyalty to House Stark.

When news broke that internet darling Anna Kendrick might be shacking up with that slimy, scheming traitor Theon Grejoy (or at least the guy who plays him, Alfie Allen) from Game of Thrones, it was like the Red Wedding all over again. Ok, maybe not that bad, but we were all pretty upset. After all, Kendrick proclaimed her allegiance to the direwolf clan a long time ago. She’d never b*tch out on the Starks, especially not for an Ironborn.

Thankfully the gossips were wrong and America’s national treasure has taken to Twitter to once and for all prove that when it comes to House Stark, she’s ride or die.

Sorry Reek.