Anna Kendrick Sings A Romantic Duet With Stephen Colbert While Celebrating #BestSchoolDay

Anna Kendrick made her way to New York and Late Night with Stephen Colbert, not to really promote any new project, but to hang out with Stephen, reminisce about her long career as a performer, and to sing a ditty or two. It was enjoyable, considering both Anna and Stephen’s background as singers. Remember how Anna Kendrick was in a small movie called Pitch Perfect?

The crux of Anna’s appearance on Late Night truly revealed itself in part two. Anna wasn’t here to just sing for the crowd – she was here to announce an act of “flash philanthropy” for #BestSchoolDay. Anna Kendrick and an anonymous donor have funded 74 different requests for project funding put in by Maine schools and teachers. That’s a huge deal. That’s every project in Maine. Classrooms that didn’t have the funds for various curriculums or extra-curricular activities that would benefit their education, such as field trips, have been made possible thanks to Anna. This may sound familiar, and that’s because Colbert and some friends flash-funded every project in the state of South Carolina.

Today, thanks to Donor’s Choose and #BestSchoolDay, 47 states have raised $14 million dollars from various athletes, celebrities and news leaders. Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown funded every project in Cleveland, Ohio with an anonymous partner. Author Tim Ferriss funded every project on Long Island, New Hampshire and Sacramento. Twitter founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Willams and Biz Stone funded Boston, Richmond, California, the entire state of Missouri, every project in Nebraska and San Francisco.

There are many, many more donators that made a great education and #TheBestSchoolDay possible.

(Via Late Night with Stephen Colbert)