This Woman Is Clearly Not Impressed With Her Brother’s Road Trip Song Choices

When attempting to make a viral video, at least try to have fun with it. That’s what White Rhino did with his ode to the annoying road trip, showing his sister how it is done through a tour of the 90s greatest pop hits. The only problem is that she is clearly not impressed throughout, until getting the last laugh at the very end.

You have to give Rhino credit, though. The guy really worked his butt on some of those dance moves AND still managed not to kill everybody on the road (including himself and his sister). Impressive, unless they filmed this in their neighborhood. Nothing like circling around the development with Savage Garden and The Rembrandts blaring out of the stereo. There was even a little Ace Of Base thrown in there, but just enough to make you think of the band. There luckily wasn’t enough to whip up thoughts of suicide.

(Via White Rhino)