Another Constructive "Mass Effect 3" Protest: This Time With Cupcakes

We’ll give the complaining over “Mass Effect 3″‘s ending this, at least: unlike most entitled whining, some genuine good has come out of it.

First, fans raised thousands of dollars for Child’s Play, albeit Child’s Play was less than happy with how they went about it. And now, BioWare has turned another kind of silly protest into something constructive.

Essentially, fans sent the Canadian studio 400 cupcakes with green, blue, and red frosting, which all tasted the same. Which is actually pretty asinine, although at least they didn’t try filing a federal lawsuit. BioWare, on receiving the cupcake, didn’t feel entitled to them, so they were immediately donated to a children’s shelter.

So, hey, at least a bunch of kids in need got a cupcake to brighten their day.