Harlem Shake Video Ends In Flames, Which Is Precisely How All Harlem Shake Videos Should End

Like any good meme, the Harlem Shake was old before it even had a chance to be young, probably because of the fact that the dance being performed in thousands upon thousands of videos was not actually the Harlem Shake. But a little thing like accuracy has never stopped the Internet from creating something and then exploiting and milking it into complete nothingness until it’s nothing but an email that your mom will send to you in eight months.

And so we thought that we had seen the end of the Harlem Shake several weeks ago when one attempt at this zany fad resulted in a person falling into a massive campfire. Alas, the memo hasn’t made the full rounds, as we have a new Harlem Shake video on YouTube, and it ends rather similarly to that last one.

Of course, some people are crying fake on this latest installment, because who on Earth would be stupid enough to throw fire on the hood of a car, right next to a conveniently placed gas canister? But real or fake, I hope that everyone who still thinks that a Harlem Shake video is totally hilarious – LOOKING AT YOU, DEION SANDERS – watches this and believes that they will explode if they try to make a video.