Watch What Happens When This Astronaut Mixes Water With An Antacid Tablet In Space

Being an astronaut on the International Space Station must be a pretty sweet gig. Not only do you get the admiration and respect that comes with spaceflight, you also get to play around like a kid in the zero gravity environment.

In the clip, astronaut Terry Virts performs a little science experiment on the ISS using a floating ball of water. As the tiny sphere hovers in front of him, he places an antacid tablet into it. Within seconds, it begins to dissolve inside the liquid. Tiny white bubbles form within the orb, making it look almost magical. It would take all my willpower not to smash it between my hands.

Here’s a little science fact for your Tuesday: The surface tension of water in microgravity allows it to maintain its shape.

And you thought you weren’t going to learn anything today.

(Via Mashable)