Anthony Bourdain Is Publishing A Book Of Marilyn Hagerty's Restaurant Reviews

When we last checked in on our favorite elderly meme from Grand Forks, North Dakota, Marilyn Hagerty was in New York offering up her opinion on the city’s hot dog carts. But now it looks like she’ll be returning to New York again, this time to sign the paperwork on a book deal she’s scored.

Specifically, she scored a book with another person the internet loves: Anthony Bourdain, who I wasn’t aware was in the publishing business before today. Bourdain was apparently charmed by Marilyn as much, if not more, than we were after her review of an Olive Garden took the web by storm, and will publish a book of her food columns as a sort-of history of food in the American heartland.

“People were putting it up as the most hilarious and mockable review ever, and of course that was my first instinct…to sneer, and then her reaction was so dignified and genuine …I thought, ‘Wow, she’s making us all look bad,'” Bourdain told CBS in an interview today. “I thought, ‘I want to publish this person’ and I will be doing just that.”

Video of the complete interview is below…

Good on you, Marilyn. Keep on doing your thing.

(Pic via Bourdain)