Anthony Scaramucci Goes The Full ‘Bill Brasky’ While Talking Up His New Boss At His First Press Briefing

During the late ’90s, Saturday Night Live cast member Will Ferrell and writer Adam McKay introduced viewers to the “Bill Brasky Buddies” sketches. 20 years later, newly appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci offered reporters his best take on the skits’ primary conceit — the drunken, exaggerated adulation of an unseen colleague — when he talked about his new boss, President Donald Trump, in terms only seasoned comedy writers could come up with.

“Here’s something I’ll tell you about the president,” he began. “He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met, okay? I’ve seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a top coat on, he’s standing in the key, and he’s hitting foul shots and swishing them. He sinks three-foot putts. I don’t see this guy as a guy that’s ever under siege. This is a very, very competitive person.”

Needless to say, the larger context of Scaramucci’s long-winded statement during his first White House Press Briefing soon faded away as journalists, pundits and Twitter trolls watching at home lost their collective minds. Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ becoming the new press secretary (following Sean Spicer’s resignation) was overshadowed by Scaramucci’s bravado. As NBC News’ Bradd Jaffy pointed out, “this clip was made for #picsoritdidnthappen.”

Throw in the fact that Scaramucci’s nickname is “Mooch” and you’ve got the recipe for a social media response that just couldn’t take the new communications director’s debut seriously — Brasky or not.

To Brasky!