Anti-Vaxxers Are Turning Halloween Candy Into Propaganda

There’s always that one guy every Halloween who’s got to be a drag. He hands out toothbrushes, or little Bibles, or really crappy candy, or candy with some promotional sticker on it. Add a new type of Halloween troll onto the pile: Anti-vaxxers are now sticking “public service announcements” onto their Halloween candy.

Let’s just get this out of the way, as a real public service announcement: Anti-vaxxers are fad-chasing idiots who are killing people. Any medical research they cite has been thoroughly disproven and built from the ground up to try and squeeze companies selling vaccines in court. Anybody still clinging to this belief is suffering from the backfire effect and is not to be taken seriously.

Anyway, now that the PSA is over with, who’s ruining your candy? Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine “Information” Center, that’s who! The NV”I”C actually dates back to 1982; yes, this stupidity has been around this long, and they’re pretty well-funded, enough to buy jumbotron ads and get their propaganda onto Delta flights.

This time around, according to the hilarious Respectful Insolence, they’re trying to slap these labels onto Halloween candy. Apparently they’ll send out a template for labels for whoever asks for it.

So keep an eye out. If nothing else, this will be useful to spot the houses where you should show up at the door in a Jonas Salk costume.