AOC Is Firing Back At Critics Who Drag Her And Brand Her As A ‘Radical’ While Ignoring Her Colleagues’ Offensive Behavior

If you didn’t know, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often uses her social media to educate and update her constituents on everything happening in Washington. Sometimes that means live-streaming Among Us on Twitch while encouraging people to vote. Other times that looks like AOC hosting a Q&A on Instagram Live while crafting a tasty meal.

The Congresswoman revived her popular cooking segment last night after taking a bit of a hiatus from sharing recipes and reform updates with her fans and while she gave us some great insight into the latest COVID relief bill, she also shaded her critics who have taken to labeling her “radical” in the press:

“Shoutout to my fellow radicals in the United States who believe crazy things like a full-time job should be enough for you to live and believe in crazy radical things like if you kill someone there shouldn’t be impunity. And also who believe really crazy radical things like you should get a stimulus check without having to bail out a corporation for it. Or that you should get a stimulus check without your employer, you know, if you work for one of these huge conglomerate employers sending you in harm’s way and being completely immune from any accountability for it.”

She went on to call out her detractors who prefer to weaponize her support of raising the minimum wage rather than actually crafting any kind of concrete plan to tackle the growing pay gap in this country.

“You know, shoutout to my fellow radicals who think that we should live in a humane advanced society and that we shouldn’t be under the thumb of a $7 minimum wage and racist systems. Because, I don’t know, that just benefits the people who already are in power to be in power. So, you know, shoutout to my radicals,” she added.

Of course, AOC did all this while cheekily sporting a Tax The Rich sweatshirt, just the latest piece of fashion that’s drawn criticism from her opponents. Republicans famously blasted her Vanity Fair cover earlier this year, claiming she was a hypocrite for donning a $1,400 pantsuit for the spread. Of course, they seemed to not understand how styling magazine shoots really work and believed all of the clothes AOC wore for the shoot were her own. They’ve also griped about the cost of her haircuts over the years, something AOC acknowledged when firing back at Texas Congressman Chip Roy on Twitter earlier today.

Maybe instead of focusing so much on what AOC is doing (and wearing), these politicians can turn their attention to the millions suffering as the pandemic continues to endanger our economy and claim thousands of lives each day? Just a thought.