Apparently Paul Rudd Isn’t The Hero That Stopped A Fight At The Dallas Airport

Whilst scouring the internet you may have found this video from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport that shows a group of bystanders tackling a man after he threw homophobic slurs at another man and then kicked him. Atop that dog pile was a man that looked suspiciously like actor Paul Rudd.

Unfortunately, the myth of Paul Rudd: Gold Hearted Justice Bringer has been busted.

Despite the hopes and dreams of fans everywhere, actor Paul Rudd’s publicist told TPM on Monday that the actor had nothing to do with subduing a homophobic man attacking someone at the Dallas airport last week.

That’s kinda disappointing, isn’t it? For some reason, we all gobble up stories about celebrities doing common do-gooder tasks like fixing a flat tire or calling the cops when someone has an accident but regular folks don’t seem to get the same amount of love. I’m not weeping for Not Paul Rudd, though. The entire world thinks that he looks like a movie star and all anyone will recall about the rest of the group tomorrow is that one of them had a cowboy hat. You enjoy your extra moment of recognition, Not Paul Rudd. You earned it.

As for the real Paul Rudd, he’ll always be a hero for his continuing effort to bring attention to Mac and Me, and that’s not the kind of thing that any of us will forget anytime soon.

Source: TPM