War Brews Within And Without In Our Exclusive Preview Of August 26’s ‘Aquaman!’

Aquaman has always been a king, but lately, he’s found himself ruling a new kingdom. An alternate reality is displacing itself onto our own, wiping out life and destroying everything around it. All Aquaman has to do is destroy that alternate reality. Simple, right? He’s even got the power to do it.

Well, it would be that simple, if that alternate reality weren’t full of innocent people. That’s the thrust of Cullen Bunn and Trevor McCarthy’s take on Aquaman, which started in issue #41: The merging of realities is slowly destroying them both, and Arthur will have to choose one or the other, even as he struggles with the matter of who has to go.

But, for as long as possible, he’s going to try and contain the damage. Of course, that’s going to be a complicated proposition, what with an Atlantean hit squad and giant war machines in his way, as this preview demonstrates…

To see what happens next, pick up Aquaman #43, on stands next Wednesday.