‘Archer’ Is Advertising On Reddit With Fake ‘Gone Wild’ Entries Because Something Something Danger Zone

In what can only be described as the Burt Reynolds of advertising campaigns, the Archer gang has strategically placed faux r/GoneWild entries throughout Reddit’s most popular NSFW section. For those of you who are *chuckles* *sarcastic thumbs up* *wank motion* unfamiliar with “Gone Wild” it’s the subsection of Reddit that encourages nices ladies of all ages to share pictures of themselves sans clotheing so Reddit commenters can sincerely tell them they have real pretty hair and ask them to grab a smoothie some time.

So it’s with a stroke of advertising brilliance that someone at FX decided to sneak ads disguised as entries from Archer characters into r/GoneWild. Below you’ll find the entire collection as pooled together here. I would share a link to the actual section except for the fact that I WOULD NEVER.

Please note the usernames. Slightly NSFW.

Via r/ArcherFX

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