The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer Vice’ And A Discussion With Executive Producer Matt Thompson

VERY SPECIAL GUEST ALERT: Joining our discussion at 1PM ET today will be our pal Archer Executive Producer Matt Thompson. You may remember Matt from previous live discussions, giving us all the goods on “Archer Vice”, and simply making the best animated comedy going.

To add to the excitement we’ll be rewarding an Archer Season Four Blu-Ray set to whoever asks Matt the best question. That person will be named in next week’s recap. Don’t blow it, guys.

OK, let’s talk “Debt of Honor,” an episode that re-introduced us to the Mr. Moto and The Yakuza and gave us the Pam’s directions GIF that continues to make my day. Here are some of the best lines, moments, and references as decided by me…

  • “Yeah, plus gum.” — I really liked this counterfeit money plan. Made so much sense.
  • Ron Cadillac on race is never not funny. I’m still debating whether I enjoyed his negro gun confusion or “Not to a Chinaman” more. I also can’t decide what my level of enjoyment says about me.
  • Conway Stern (if that’s even his real name) reference! I swear he’s making an appearance this season, guys. And I don’t know anything that’s just the gut talking, which probably means he’s destined to be Archer’s Russian guy in the woods.
  • M: “What were the Hell’s Angels busy?” P: “Busy being pussies.” I will work that answer into a conversation at some point in my lifetime.
  • Amber Nash would like you guys to have this piece of advice.
  • Seriously though, everything about Pam’s recollection of whether or not the Yakuza can find her.
  • “Oh who remembers?” delivered by Jessica Walter is definitely the best way to gloss over whether a character is dead or not.
  • The Price Is Right loser app will almost certainly be a real thing by the end of the day, until then.
  • “Be more gross and Chinese-y!” — Cheryl Tunt, early leader for Season 5 MVP.
  • Who do you feel worse for not feeling worse for: Ray or Woodhouse?
  • “Those vending machines that sell used school girl panties.” — Everything you need to know about Japanese culture.
  • And finally, I’m to lazy to translate George Takei’s final line so if someone could please knock that out and share in the thread that would be great.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Cokie Monster, Scrooge McDuck’s vault, Moby Dick, Josh Randall (epic Steve McQueen character, not the CSI actor), Gangster movie lead poisoning, and I’m pretty sure “We’re not ruined, Camille,” is some sort of reference I’m not piecing together. Let’s ask Matt!

Takeaways: The Archer crew is still very bad a drug-dealing, there’s no denying this. But in this more serialized season I have a feeling this is setting up for some escalated exotic adventures. The travel references on Lana’s magazines are giving us some serious foreshadowing. We’ll see (or Matt will tell us) soon. For now let’s take a moment to think about Cheryl’s grandfather…

Check out the rest of Chet’s GIFs here and then get to reminding Matt how cool we are with all your interesting and insightful questions. Our new @s commenting feature is live. Use it.