This Woman Throwing Dog Poop At A Cop Ends As Well As You’d Expect

What would you do if you were attempting to return to your domicile from an invigorating walk with your canine friends and the local law told you that you couldn’t? Throw your dog’s fecal matter at the police officer? If you answered “yes,” like this Australian woman in the video above did, well… you’re dumb. Because that action got this woman a direct ticket to face-in-Sidewalktown.

At the time of the filming of this video, police in Molendinar, Queensland had blocked pedestrian traffic in the area due to an accident. Now, it’s understandable that the woman — who has not been named — would get upset. She just wanted to get home, and the only way there was being blocked off by the accident. However, she apparently felt that yelling at the officers, followed by allegedly tossing a bag of dog crap in one of their faces was the best course of action. The officers, showing tremendous restraint considering they just had pooch poop thrown at them, pushed her to the ground, cuffed her and detained her.

At the moment, it’s uncertain what charges — if any — the woman will eventually face. It’s currently just a stinky situation for all involved.

(Source: Death and Taxes, YouTube)