Ariana Grande Denies Saying She Wanted Her Fans To Die, Unleashes A Barrage Of Mushy Tweets

Ariana Grande is not having a good month. Between her ridiculous diva demands and that time she wished her fans would “f*cking die”, it’s safe to say her PR people have had a nightmarish last few weeks. But the pop star has been trying to do a little damage control of her own.

Shortly after the “die, fans” comments hit the web, Grande took to Twitter to deny their truth and to reclaim her status as an innocent victim of the vicious media industry, another celebrity caught in the teeth of Hollywood’s beastly rumor mill. As Crushable points out, SHE REALLY LAYS IT ON THICK.

Here are some of the tweets she posted within the span of 24 hours.

So do we believe her and all the mushy gushy tweets? I think the jury might still be out…

Via Crushable