‘Army Of Darkness’ Is Getting A Reboot

A comic book reboot that is — no new Army of Darkness movie (yet). You can put down your pitchforks and douse those torches.

There’ve been a lot of Army of Darkness comics. As in, three major ongoing series comprising over 50-issues, and countless crossover series in which Ash met everyone from Dracula to Darkman and Xena. Most of these comics have not been very good.

So, new Army of Darkness writer Steve Niles is dumping whatever continuity these old AoD comics might have had and starting fresh, with the latest Army of Darkness series beginning with the last frame of the film and continuing on from there. Hit the jump for a couple preview pages…

I dunno, the art seems a little too serious to me, but perhaps that’s just the lack of dialogue. Once some sassy Ash quips are added maybe things will feel right.

via Bleeding Cool