An Army Of Pikachu Took Over Manhattan To Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘Pokemon’

Ready to feel old? This weekend marked the celebration of 20 years of Pokemonthe video game and Anime series that captivated an entire generation for years on end – and continues to enthrall younger fans as well. If you were one of the many who spent countless hours of the 90’s trying to “catch ’em all” then this weekend in New York City was basically geared directly towards you as an army of giant Pikachu tottered around the city in celebration. According to Mashable, who was on the scene as the adorable yellow giants moved along, the parade was quite an event:

The Pikachu, which came to life through giant costumes that required inflation, made their way across the city, first arriving near the Brooklyn Bridge, moving to Midtown Manhattan and then ending their journey at Penn Station. The Pikachu drew a crowd, and even required a team a handlers to help them navigate in the large suits.

Sounds like the hardest challenge for prospective trainers wandering the city alongside them would be figuring out which Pika is theirs or not. Although, when you think about it, a giant Pikachu is way more of an advantage against Team Rocket. Fans of all ages were not only treated to the parade of Pika’s, but fun and games at the Nintendo store in New York as well.

In advance of a new set of games coming this year, this is the perfect type of event to get fans excited again (as if they ever stopped loving Pokemon) and get back into their childlike instincts. After all, even 20 years after the start of the phenomenon there are always more trainers to befriend and more gym leaders to defeat.

(via Mashable)