Arnold Schwarzenegger Finally Weighed In With His Expert Opinion On How Much A Certain President Does *Not* Weigh 215

Ex-President Trump’s fourth indictment came with a bonus piece of curiosity for non-MAGAs: Would the notoriously fast-food-loving Trump be truthful about his weight? The answer, as people found out quickly, was “nope.” He was allowed to self-report at 6’3″ and 215 pounds, which no one believed because there is an array of pro athletes who handily illustrate those measurements. Who else didn’t buy it?

That would be seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, who knows a thing or two about physiques and was on hand to discuss his new self-help book, Be Useful. In the above video, Arnold can be heard elaborating on how he threw the mattress of his son, Patrick, out the window. As well, Jimmy Kimmel could not resist broaching the subject after the 6:30 mark above: “You are one of the foremost experts on the male physique, bodybuilding, etc. When you size him up, what would you guess that man weighs?”

Arnold at first declined to name a number but did elaborate on what he could “do for fitness.” Then he made his thoughts fairly clear with this instruction: “Run around yourself three times and you’re going to be in great, great shape.” The FUBAR star then likened the weight lie to climate change denial, and Kimmel pressed the actor to name a number, which led to this: “I think everyone laughs about it because he does not look like he weighs 215 … he’s a little more like 315.”

Struggles with weight are of course nothing to poke fun at in and of themselves, but Trump’s insistence on keeping himself happy with a 100-pound lie is on a whole other level. The late night shows are back, baby.