Arrested Development And Parks & Rec Headline Kyle Hinton's Pop Culture Paper Dolls

This past February illustrator Kyle Hinton began a series of pop culture paper dolls that he’s gradually released via his Tumblr, Flannel Animal. I’m not sure if it was originally intended to be a strictly Arrested Development series, but thanks to the popularity he’s continued to roll out new ones even after exhausting the majority of his AD options (I would like to see a Gene Parmesan paper doll like yesterday). This is great news for fans of all things pop culture as he’s now moved on to Parks & Rec and his recently released Ron Swanson is — of course — his most popular paper doll yet. Oh, internet, you’re so predictable!
I’ve included all the Arrested Development and Parks & Recreation versions in order of their release here, but there are Breaking Bad, Tim & Eric, and Thor (?) variations on Flannel Animal as well. They’re all fantastically done and contain all sorts of great nuggets for hardcore fans. Can you say Annyong accessory?
Source: Flannel Animal Via: The High Definite