'Arrested Development' Hilariously Meets 'Mad Men' With Mad Development

If there’s a single path to the heart of the internet it’s lined with boobs. If there’s a second path it’s lined with Arrested Development, hence why we’ve adopted an “All AD All the Time” policy (here, here, and here, and that’s just last week!). Not really. It’s just sometimes when it rains hot sailors it pours.
Today — via the suggestion of professional feline aficionado G. Voakes — I present to you Mad Development, a Tumblr dedicated to merging Arrested Development dialogue with Mad Men screengrabs the same way Arrested Westeros does, except Mad Development has been around longer (10 months as opposed to 2 months), paints Pete Campbell as a nevernude, and flaunts the tagline, “A trick is something a whore does for money.” So if there can be only one, my vote goes to Mad Development.
It can still be hit or miss though, suffering from scene/quote mismatches, but the ones that really hit, really hit. After scouring the entire Tumblr I’ve included my fifteen favorites here. I suggest all hardcore fans blow off an hour with family and check them all out.

Source: MadDevelopment
UPDATE: A hirarious addition from Cajun Boy Twitter follower @Jeffrey_Brice: