Meme Watch: Mixing ‘Arrested Development’ And ‘Les Misérables’ Is Not A Huge Mistake

Arrested Development is one of those shows which has proven to be excellent for mashing up with other franchises. So far we’ve featured mashups of Arrested Development with Thor, Downton Abbey, Mitt Romney (and the 2012 election in general), video games, and everything else.

Now another single-serving Tumblr has chicken danced into our hearts. Les Miserabluths combines wisdom from the Bluth family with screencaps from last year’s Oscar bait Les Misérables. Not since Les Mean Girls have we been so touched (inappropriately) by Tumblr.

Our favorite pictures from this Les Misérables and Arrested Development mashup are collected below, courtesy of Les Miserabluths and Buzzfeed. Thanks to Ziggy and Jam for captioning these.