The Internet’s Most Popular Memes Re-Cast With ‘Arrested Development’ Characters Is Almost Too Easy

If you ever begin to think Arrested Development fans may have officially exhausted all manners with which to celebrate their favorite show, go swing by r/Arrested Development and you’ll quickly be reminded this is an impossibility. I’m regularly amazed by the fresh takes on the world of the Bluths, and the fervor is only amplifying as we inch closer and closer to 2013 and the show’s resurrection. Our eyes will be pissing tears in no time.

The latest development in celebrating Arrested Development on the internet is a crossover meme-ification created by one Redditor’s hermano by matching members of the Bluth Family (and acquaintances) to the web’s most popular memes via the power of crude photoshops. Needless to say I think they’re swell.

Like anything in the crossover realm though, some hit more than others, and while Redditor lewzealand provided some captioning, I prefer that left to the imagination. And now (*coughs* /transitions into movie preview guy voice) for the re-castings…


<!–pagetitle:Starring Michael Bluth As The “Y U No?” Guy–><!–pagetitle:George Bluth Senior As Annoyed George Bluth Senior–><!–pagetitle:Lucille Bluth As Condescending Wonky Eye Lucille–><!–pagetitle:George Michael Bluth As Good Guy George Michael–><!–pagetitle:Maeby Fünke As Success Kid–><!–pagetitle:Buster Bluth As Bad Luck Buster–><!–pagetitle:Lindsay Bluth Fünke As College Liberal–><!–pagetitle:With Ann (Egg) Veal As Overly Attached Girlfriend–><!–pagetitle:And Introducing Carl Weathers As Scumbag Carl Weathers–>