Blue Yourself: Ron Howard Tweets First Script From New ‘Arrested Development’ Episodes

Two weeks ago I shared Ron Howard’s photo from the revived Arrested Development writer’s room, which leaves me internet obligated gives me the pleasure to now pass along the above photo of the first iPad-friendly script from the new season that Mr. Howard tweeted last night. OMG OMG OMG OMG. IT. IS HAPPENING.

Seeing as how we’re well past the “will it/won’t it” phase, now is clearly time to embark on wild musings. Based on the image above and 401’s title, “Michael,” we can only assume they are in fact going with the character-centric episodes they hinted at in the past. And based on Howard’s tweet we can also conclude the new script is “Very very funny,” gets a “:-)” approval, and features lots of narration. AND based on the prominently featured highlighter in the photo it’s quite clear the Arrested Development team is inviting us to blue ourselves.

Conclusion: This will be the greatest, funniest, most satisfying thing to ever happen in the history of anything ever happening. Netflix, seriously, you guys better be getting your sh*t together capacity-wise. Someone will get got over too many buffering stalls.

@RealRonHoward via Gawker