'Arrow' Adds the Huntress And Captain Jack Harkness. One Is a Love Interest.

08.24.12 7 years ago 5 Comments

So nice to see that Arrow is abiding by continuity, huh?

The Huntress is apparently going to be sharing the city of adventure in the new CW series coming this October, that I’m totally going to liveblog. John Barrowman has also been cast in a “mysterious recurring role”, which we’re assuming is either something stupid or awesome.

Anyway, who’s playing the Huntress? Her name is Jessica De Gouw, and you’ve never heard of her. This is because she’s mostly worked in Australian television; but on the bright side, she has had a decently long career, so she should be.

Now, what’s John Barrowman, everybody’s favorite openly gay SF actor, going to be doing?

If the series had any balls at all, he’d totally be Ollie’s love interest. I could get behind a gay Ollie. Get your mind out of the gutter.

No, Barrowman’s role is described as “a mysterious recurring character”. So either the role is going to be something original and stupid, like Ollie’s “secret mentor” who taught him archery or something, or it’s going to be awesome.

You know what? I’m pulling for Hal Jordan. Whoever is running this, do it. Pull the trigger. Drop hints that we’ll see that epic road trip.

Come on. Please?

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