‘Arrow’ Casts Manu Bennett As Deathstroke, Fangirls May Explode

Spartacus: Blood And Sand was all about two things: Stabbing, and absurd amounts of gratuitous nudity. Arrow is all about two things: Impaling people, and obligatory shirtless scenes. Hence, it’s good news that Manu Bennett has been cast as Deathstroke for the show.

Bennett played Crixus, the overly macho gladiator who got to shag Lucy Lawless a lot and thus was arguably the luckiest guy in the entire series short of John Hannah. Bennett also happens to be a rugby player turned actor who, before he got his dong out on Starz on a regular basis, was cast in a few WWE movies, and actually will be showing up in parts of The Hobbit as an orc. In other words the guy knows his way around an action scene and also happens to be a pretty good actor.

Bennett is not technically cast as Deathstroke, who to this point we’ve only seen in a non-speaking role with the mask on, torturing Ollie on an island. But he’s being cast as “Slade Wilson”, he first appears on the island working with Ollie and his sensei, so, really, come on. Who do you think you’re fooling, CW?

Bennett’s episodes begin airing in 2013, so we’re just going to assume there’s a shirtless swordfight during February sweeps. No, as in with blades.