‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Somebody’s Definitely Gonna Die

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04.30.14 272 Comments

We’re only theorizing, here, but calling your episode “City Of Blood” is usually a pretty big hint something ugly is going to happen. So in lieu of our usual reminder of the last episode, we rank the cast of Arrow by who’s going to die.

This isn’t just idle speculation: The cast is getting overly large, and they already bumped off a major cast member by having Slade stab Moira right in the heart. We doubt they’ve kept the most shocking moment away from sweeps.

Ollie: Safe

Come on, he’s the star.

Felicity: Safe

Two reasons we think Felicity is safe. One, she was and remains the breakout female character in the show; there’s a reason she went from guest star in season one to main cast member in season two. Two, the show knows exactly how much the fan base loves her, and they know that putting her in danger is a shameless way to manipulate our emotions. Come on, it’s like when the villain on Buffy threatens Willow: It’s not happening, we know it, but we get worried anyway.

Diggle: Safe From Death, But Not From Injury

They would never, ever kill Diggle. He’s arguably the most beloved male character on the show, and yeah, I know Stephen Amell’s abs are badonkers, but let’s face it, Diggle is basically too awesome to die. Also the show, cheesy as it can be, is not nearly so cheesy as to kill the Black guy. That said, they’ll happily seriously injure him.

Thea: Safe, At Least From Death

It seems unlikely a marching army of Deathstrokes isn’t a useful distraction for dear old Malcolm to come in and claim his daughter. She probably won’t go willingly, but we’re willing to bet the trained assassin can take a teenager.

Sara/Black Canary: Possible Fatality, But Unlikely

Honestly, she’s too popular with the fans, and the writing staff clearly likes the character. We’ll classify here as safe, unless the show decides to bump her off to finally make Laurel useful. Besides, she’s probably bringing Malcolm back into the mix.

Roid: Fifty-Fifty

The show has made it pretty clear from the start that ultimately it’s going to be Thea running around in a red hoodie pinning muggers to walls. Every now and then they remind us her nickname is “Speedy,” and they’ve been doing that a lot this season. Adding to the problem is that basically the show forgets about Roy every few episodes, yet he’s a main cast member. Also, the whole “insane homicidal rampage” thing from the last episode kind of raises the question of what happens to him after a cure is found.

Laurel: Not Looking Good

Why, precisely, Slade hasn’t gone after Laurel before is an open question, since he’s trying to murder Ollie by inches. But the show has struggled to find anything for her to do aside from whine and drink, and Caity Lotz has turned out to be popular as Black Canary. So essentially, they’ve got no reason to keep Laurel.

Oh, and apparently she turns on Sebastian Blood this episode. Either her sister dies this season, or she does.

Quentin: Dead. Deeeaaaaad.

I don’t like it either, but he’s got barely anything to do with the plot, he’s the one competent cop in Starling City, and he’s got a tendency to get in harm’s way. Also, why cease the rich tradition of not letting a single good thing happen to Quentin?

We’ll be liveblogging the show tonight, starting at 8pm EST. Come, join us in the dead pool!

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