Ashley Madison Hackers Release CEO Emails, Won’t Do The Same For Nude Pics

Ashley Madison homepage

The people behind the Ashley Madison hack have spoken out again: they released 19 GB more of user data that they recovered from the cheating website’s servers. This includes a 13 GB file labeled “noel.biderman.mail.7z,” which refers to Avid Life Media CEO Noel Biderman, the parent company that owns Ashley Madison.

Luckily (so far) for Biderman, that file has been corrupted and is unreadable.

Then, on Friday, Vice’s Motherboard vertical spoke with the hackers, who call themselves the Impact Team, over email. The Impact Team claims to still have 300 GB of unreleased material, containing the following sensitive information: “300GB of employee emails and docs from internal network. Tens of thousands of Ashley Madison user pictures. Some Ashley Madison user chats and messages. 1/3 of pictures are dick pictures and we won’t dump. Not dumping most employee emails either. Maybe other executives.”

Not sure why these hackers draw the line at dick pics, but okay. It’s also nice that they reportedly won’t release employee emails. The hackers also claim that Ashley Madison kept payment processors, which store credit card information and billing addresses, contrary to the company’s promise that such data wouldn’t be stored. Finally, the Impact Team says they initiated this hack to stop entrepreneurs from enabling people to indulge in their worst impulses. As they put it, “Avid Life Media is like a drug dealer abusing addicts.”

(Via Motherboard)