Ashley Tisdale Would Like To Show You Her Butt

03.23.12 13 Comments

If someone held a gun to my head and demanded that I explain who Ashley Tisdale is or else take a bullet to the brain I would only be able to respond by saying, “Something something…famous person…something something…Disney Channel…something something…Is her dad’s name Wayman?” In other words, I’d probably end up with a bullet in my head because I really didn’t know jack about Ashley Tisdale prior to today — other than she’s got a name I’m familiar with because it crosses my cultural radar occasionally, though I have no idea why.

But now I know something else about her, something very important: she has a cute butt. Oh, and she likes Instagram. And I’m guessing she wants everyone to know it, otherwise why would she have tweeted out the photo above?

An additional observation based on a quick glance at her Twitter feed: Ashley Tisdale only recently discovered the joy of female orgasm. She sounds like a girl who recently either found the perfect guy or the perfect vibrator, perhaps both.

Then again, she could just be really f*cking high all of the time.

(Pic via Instagram)

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