‘Serial’ Witness Asia McClain Speaks Out About Her Reluctance To Testify In Adnan Syed’s Trial

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Fans of the podcast Serial know from the very first episode that a woman named Asia McClain wrote Adnan Syed a letter saying that she had seen him in the library when his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee’s murder took place. Yet Syed’s defense team didn’t contact McClain when he was on trial for the murder, and now he’s serving a life sentence for the crime.

Now Syed’s new lawyers are arguing that this failure is grounds for a retrial for Syed. McClain herself testified during the post-conviction hearing that will determine whether the retrial goes forward.

In an interview with ABC News, McClain says she regrets not agreeing to testify during a 2010 post-conviction hearing for Syed. “I would just personally apologize that I didn’t come forward in 2010,” she said.

This time, her children inspired her to do something: “I want my kids to know their mom was strong.”

Of what happened in the library, Mashable quotes her as saying:

“I just happened to be at a specific place at a specific time,” she said. “… I was sitting in the library bored to tears and someone walked in that I knew. I asked him about his breakup with Hae…[He said] she was dating someone else, but that he just wanted her to be happy. He didn’t seem to be disturbed or angry with her.”

It is unknown how long it will take for retired judge Martin Welch to make his decision.

(Via ABC News and Mashable)

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