‘Assassin’s Creed’ Has Done In Connor Kenway

Were you hoping to know more about Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III? No? No one could blame you. But for those of you that do, Ubisoft has some bad news for you.

During a Reddit AMA, Darby McDevitt, one of the lead writers on the series, stated that Connor was done for. When asked if his adventures would continue, McDevitt stated: “Not very. We want Tumblr to pick up where we left off.”

Which is hilarious if you’ve ever checked the Connor Kenway tag on Tumblr or LJ fanfic sites. But, when pressed by outraged fans, McDevitt got into a little more detail:

…we planned the Edward, Haytham, Connor saga more than 2 years ago, long before any of you had heard Connor’s name or learned his backstory. We had no idea how he (or Haytham) would be received, but we had our own long story to tell, and we embraced it. And it was our hope that — taken together — this saga would represent the story of a family… a migration, a mixing of cultures, and a dashing of ideals… Connor played his part, Haytham played his, and now Edward has had his say too.

To be fair to Connor, part of the problem is that the game he starred in had a dull main quest and a far more entertaining set of sidequests. If he had a more compelling arc, or an arc, or character development, it’d be a far different state of affairs.

As it is, he’ll have to live on in fanfic. But, hey, if nothing else, that fanfic is probably treating him better.